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Alicante is a city with over three thousand years of history, as revealed by the first archaeological remains found in the Cova del Fum in Fontcalent, dating from the third millennium BC The first inhabited are in the Benacantil hillside, where it is believed that there was an Iberian town. The first town itself dates back to the fourth century BC where it is located in Manises Tossal, the Iberian-Roman colony Lucentum.

Sea Route
Until the mid-nineteenth century was corseted Alicante within the walls surrounding the city. These walls are demolished by the necessity that the city was growing and because they did not expect attacks by sea. Thus, Alicante opened to the sea and decides to start building its seafront.

A stroll through the old town of Alicante
Alicante has always been a walled city for fear of attacks from the sea. As in medieval times the city is conquered from the Muslims, are built walls to defend it. Despite having these defenses, Alicante was bombed from the sea in 1691 being destroyed 90% of the city. That is why on this route try to see the before and after the city after the bombing

Castle of Santa Barbara and museums
Did you know that Alicante was a city facing south? Virtually all settlements in the Alicante province are facing south because they are protected from cold north winds throughout the chain of mountains in the interior of the province. That's why we have such good weather in the city. The guidance, together with the existence of the rock Benacantil was a major factor in the decision of Muslims to settle in the city. We'll see better from the Castle. To do this we will take the elevator and go up to the last stop.

Alicante and its Walls
Alicante was a walled city until the nineteenth century. In 1858 Queen Elizabeth II comes to Alicante to inaugurate the train started from Madrid. Taking advantage of this time and given that the city did not grow more because it was limited by the walls, the Queen requested permission to demolish it. So the city begins to grow. This route will travel the area where the new city arose in the second half of the nineteenth century

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